The NOMO-how

The NOMO-how

The NOMO 3D measurement creation process explained:


Information is critical for today’s business environment. We at NOMO have found that more and more of our customer companies are in the need of more precise and systematic measurement information of their own end-user customers. Also the end-users of several services benefit from versatile and precise information of their own bodies.

This analyzed and systematic body information can be used in many different user applications: from clothing industry to healthcare, or from wellbeing to new augmented reality environments and many others. Your body in digital human-avatar format will change the way we are used to shop and benefit from different services.


Stage 1: Our way to produce and analyze information starts with a person being scanned in 3D. This can be done using any 3D scanning platform or device, as far as the data format in standardized 3D point cloud data.

Stage 2: Our cloud server API-interface will receive the data from any 3D scanning device in digital format, analyze the data and form a digital human-avatar from it. The analysis will take some 5 to 10 minutes, and the end result is a precise digital 3D human body equivalent to a person’s own body shape.

Stage 3: When the 3D data is analyzed and the digital body is formed, full-body digital 3D measures are created. At the starting point in our service, we’re able to provide 20 to 40 pre-selected body measure points that can be used for apparel pattern-making processes. During the pilot-projects, we learn more from our customers’ needs and are able to multiply and diversify the measurements to tens or even hundreds of selected measures for different needs.

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